if i told u that i plan my trips to the gym around when diners, drive-ins, and dives is on what would u say………………

kayla calvinheeter tagged me in another one of these fun posts that forces u all to look at my face except this time it’s six cool pics that oTHER ppl have taken of me!!!!!! so here we r kiddos here i am whether i leave these up or not has not been decided yet so~~~~~

michelle beadle is a queen pce

I adore so many of the women in sports media because I think a lot of them are really cool people to look up to as someone looking to get into the field and then I see people giving them hate for speaking up and defending themselves as women and I get so sad and I just want to tell them how awesome they are and how much they make me believe in myself and idk!!!!!!!!!

oh ya b4 i forget happy bday to this absolute gem who i love from the very bottom of my heart u r perfect patrice i hope ur day was excellent and filled with ppl who love you never leave me thx <33333

I got takeout for dinner and when I went to pick it up the cashier was this rly cute boy so he told me to enjoy my food and I said “you too” nice