Anonymous said "are you still creating the nhl fantasy league?"

if people are interested yes!!

ATLANTA — Philadelphia Phillies pitchers (L-R) Ken Giles, Cole Hamels, Jonathan Papelbon, and Jake Diekman are interviewed after throwing a combined no-hitter against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field on September 1st, 2014.

Hamels started the game and tossed six hitless innings before Diekman, Giles, and Papelbon each added a full inning of perfect relief respectively to secure the 12th successful hitless bid in Phillies history and the 11th combined no-hitter in league history.

it’s so hot in our room save us

grantairesunderwear said "How do you feel about Miracle?"

the movie?? omg it’s my lifeblood i can quote almost every line

every once in a while i accidentally follow someone who recently followed me (thx mobile) but i don’t notice for a couple hours and then when i go to unfollow them i feel bAd



i hAte paCKInG for sCHooL oH my GdoD

You rock my soul, it’s all too much. NHL 15 is my new endeavor. Hold my calls. For like, forever. (x)

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bruh if you’re just reblogging an edit to say you hate the person in it like…

"When Brad Marchand got his hands on NHL 15, his heart sang out. Then his voice sang out. Then he picked up a guitar and went right to an open mic night." (x)

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Anonymous said "HOLY SHIIIIT! I'm the anon who contacted you last week asking about the basic of baseball and I just back home from my vacation so I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH, I was no expecting that, you are a true angel. I saved the post and I'm going to read it again while I'm watching the next match if I have some doubts. You are amazing, Judy!"

omg no problem, anon! happy to do it :) I hope covers everything you were wondering about and if not please come back!!