"julian edelman attempts to catch five balls" okay

@GordonEdes: I’m having a tough time believing this, but I’m told Red Sox plan to make huge effort to re-sign Lester

ya well they betteR

my inchworm andrew why :((((((((

[tobias funke voice] OH MY GOD WE’RE HAVING A FIRE sale

Anonymous said "I read somewhere, I think the redsox reddit, that the A's probably won't resign Lestah after the season"

yeah I honestly don’t think they will which means we need to I will donate money

also u bet ur sweet tush I’m bandwagoning the a’s in october just try and stop me

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone who has overcome so much himself and done so much for a city, especially when they’ve held a special place in your heart for so long. And despite all the mental and emotional preparation I’ve been putting myself through this past week, it doesn’t hurt any less now that you’ve been traded.

It was no secret that you loved it here, and if the last few days were any indication, it’s no secret that everyone here loved you too. You gave us incredible stuff on the field, with two championship trophies, a no-hitter, and a handful of trips to the all-star game to show for it, and you changed lives off the field with all of your charity work and kindness. Your dedication and perseverance are an inspiration to so many people.

Good luck in Oakland, my favorite bubble-blowing ace. I only hope you find your way back to Boston. It will always be your home.

Thank you for everything.

Anonymous said "JUSTT cespedes though?? Prospects? Any draft picks?? ?¿?¿ pls"

well we got cespedes and the second pick in the competitive balance comp b round not that i’m gonna pretend i know what that is but ya i’m like sorta confused that we had to give up more to get cespedes but like we’re not going anywhere this year and if cespedes doesn’t work he could be used as a trade chip later and if management removes the stick from their tush that makes them think they can’t pay their guys we can get jon back and have cespedes or whoever he turns into come spring 2015 so i think at this point we need to play the waiting game i’m trying to be reasonable so i don’t cry :-)))))))

ben pls just promise me you’ll give jon his money in the offseason when he goes to free agency like pls

omg I’m upset but like out of all the teams he could have gone to I’m glad lester went to the a’s and we got cespedes back which should be fUn but like jon :(((((((


oh ya I should probs tell u guys i’m going on vaca up to maine from tomorrow to next friday and i’ll have wifi and the whole point of the trip is to just relax and stuff so i’ll probs be on but if i’m not that’s why!!!!