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BREAKING: #NHLBruins have signed defenseman Torey Krug and forward Reilly Smith to one-year contracts through the 2014-15 season. Head to for the official release.


BREAKING: #NHLBruins have signed defenseman Torey Krug and forward Reilly Smith to one-year contracts through the 2014-15 season. Head to for the official release.

Krugy and Smitty signed for 1 year 1.4 mil each!!

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(original photo by Katie H.)

(original photo by Katie H.)

Anonymous said "Now that the Sox season is over, what are you expecting them to do in the off season?"

Well for one I expect them to go out and get some pitching I mean really. They also have to cut down the roster in some places (outfield) and bolster it in others, or at least figure out what’s going to happen next year (third base). And I’d like for everyone to be healthy so!! There, I gave you the most generic answer in the world hahaha.

Anonymous said "where do you get the original photos that you edit? btw ur edits are my favorite things on tumblr. ♥"

thank you so much!! :) I get them from yahoo images usually

Anonymous said "So what happens if Krug and/or Smith are not signed by opening day? They sit out until they are?"

There’s no way they’re playing unless they’re signed somewhere, whether it’s with Boston or someone else. So they’re in a bit of limbo until they do.

Anonymous said "you are easily one of the most educated hockey tumblrs i follow so i was just hoping you could lay out what you know is going on with the krug/smith situation and basically what could happen to them this season/in the future"

Aww thanks anon! And I can definitely do that for you.

To start, the Bruins are in a terrible situation cap-wise. They had a bunch of contracts last year that relied on bonuses, most notably Jarome Iginla’s, and you are allowed 7.5% room to go over as a “cushion” where is doesn’t count against the cap. Since the upper limit of the cap last year was 64,300,000 mil, that means a team can have 4,822,500 mil in bonuses and it won’t count against them. However, with all the players who hit their bonuses, the Bruins ended up going over about 5 mil and so it carries over to this season as a penalty, and they don’t have that money to work with. They’re already in a bad spot.

Now they have to re-sign Krug and Smith, who, after breakout seasons, probably want a substantial upgrade from their ELC salaries. The Bruins don’t have the money to give them the contracts they want and so they would probably have to take a one or two year bridge deal where they aren’t making as much as they’d like, but the Bruins will be able to pay them more when the cap goes up in the next couple seasons. They probably don’t want to wait that long or just trust that they’ll get paid, which makes it difficult to come to an agreement. 

In addition, the two of them are RFAs, and usually RFAs can be offer-sheeted, which means that another interested team can show them how much they’d be willing to pay for them to play on their team, and if the player signs it, the player’s current team has to either match the offer or let the player go with picks as compensation. However, Krug and Smith are not typical RFAs. They didn’t burn the first year of their ELCs like most players do in that they played fewer than nine games in their first season and didn’t have their contracts slide. Because of this, according to the CBA, only the Bruins can negotiate with them. So they get to talk to them exclusively until they either reach a deal or trade their rights. 

So when people on here gripe and say “just sign them already,” you should know that everyone wants them back, but it’s going to take some heavy maneuvering and compromise to do so.

farewell, captain.

farewell, captain.


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